Evergreen Collections

EVERGREEN COLLECTIONS pieces are simultaneously bold, thoughtful, and enduring - luxury curated for everyday wear, not just for special occasions. 

Carefully selected by the designer, arriving from as far away as India and China, every material is chosen with a sharp eye for quality and distinctiveness. Nothing is preassembled; each piece is considered and edited until just the right balance is achieved.

EVERGREEN COLLECTIONS sources precious stones, pearls, and leathers from around the world, including brilliant gemstones, diamonds and pave diamonds, and pearls with luster.

Carol Phillips is a Nashville based designer and curator for EVERGREEN COLLECTIONS.

Carol launched her first jewelry line from her kitchen table in 2007. As a mother of young twin boys looking to express herself creativity, she started designing and cultivating unique jewelry pieces by hand. Over the years her passion for custom curated jewelry continued to grow, eventually leading to the launch of EVERGREEN in 2017. 

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