Packing for a Weekend Getaway with the Girls!

If you’re getting ready for a girl’s trip and you’re like me - you’re headed to your stress free “happy place”. It’s my easiest packing list to assemble.
I pack clothes for relaxing, cooking, eating, drinking, reading and most importantly relaxing and laughing.
Favorite spot for this kind of trip - anywhere!!

Here are my top 6 things to pack for your next girls trip!

  1. A presentable pair of pajamas because you might be wearing them much longer than usual sitting around the kitchen table drinking your morning coffee and trying to decide where you are going to eat lunch! (you know what I mean, not the one’s with holes of which you can no longer remember their original color) Click here to find the perfect pajamas for your trip! woman wearing pj harlow blue pajamas
  2. Work out clothes. Whether you regularly exercise or not, there is something about girls trips that certainly seem to make you talk about it a lot even if you know darn good and well you aren’t going to actually do it. Just like the boy scouts, always be prepared. workout clothes laying on a bed
  3. A swimsuit for pool, beach or hot tub if you are lucky enough to be near one. Don't forget your sunglasseswoman wearing black bathing suit with hat at the beach
  4. A shopping outfit. You know you’re going to shop even if you already spent every penny you had getting where you are. Pack a nice pair of pants or jeans you feel good in, a flat loafer, a good tee shirt or button up, a great looking belt and a jacket. Depending on your destination, you might need to take layers on and off throughout the day overhead image of sweaters and jeans with tennis shoes
  5. Take a nice dress you feel good in in case you head out to dinner. With our busy lives these days, we don’t always get to get to go out as much as we’d like, so dress up and make it feel even more special!! Find the perfect dress here! woman wearing hunter bell dress
  6. Other than your love life, lack thereof, job, children or your children’s children, what does a group of women always end up talking about? Answer: your favorite new beauty products!! Face masks, eye creams, moisturizers, serums...You may a well pack all your favorites to share so you don't have to rely on your memory to try and come up with all the names. (pack all those samples you’ve gotten this year that you don’t know what to do with and you can trade) Fun!

* Remember, girlfriends are way more precious than diamonds and become more so year after year. osea skincare at carriage house
🖤, Nicole

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Proceed and be bold.

Sambo Mockbee