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Article: 10 Things to Pack for a Relaxing Beach Trip

10 Things to Pack for a Relaxing Beach Trip

10 Things to Pack for a Relaxing Beach Trip

I stopped stressing about travel packing years ago. Not sure whether it was a conscious decision or an acquired skill, but probably a bit of both.
There is something so relaxing about being by the sea that keeps us longing to go again and again.

Here is my top ten must pack list for a relaxing beach trip:

  1. A cover up that goes from beach to lunch; key word here ladies, “cover”. You may have been lounging by the sea long enough to feel very comfortable in your skin, but your surrounding diners may not want to look at that much of you in all your sunscreened glory. (someone’s grandmother is in that restaurant) 
  2. A hat with a wide enough brim to cover your face and chest, and a baseball version to wear on your morning power walks by the sea. (those won’t blow off) “packable“ hats are a great woman wearing simple black bathing suit on beach with hat
  3. A fun, easy to read book you can hop in and out of it during those sunny distractions
  4. I love to wear maxi dresses to dinner when I’m on a beach vacation. There is something sexy and easy about them that makes me feel flowy and special. There are many great looking gauzy options these days that won’t break the bank. woman wearing a beige flowy dress on the beach
  5. I like to pack short dresses instead of shorts for running around. They just seem to be more comfortable, cool and beachy to me, but a nice shorts and top are also good.
  6. A wrap or a big scarf in a pretty, beachy color or a light jacket or sweater. Indoor spaces can feel so chilly after a day on the beach
  7. Shoes: flat sandals other than flip flops, sneakers for exercising or shopping and a block heeled strappy sandal if you want some height. wedges look too heavy and stilletos just look silly at the beach
  8. I like to pack two different kinds of suits: one you can get some sun in, and one you can play in without having to worry about being too exposed (think beach volleyball, chasing a frisbie or running after small children) woman wearing a sporty white bathing suit laying on towel at the beach
  9. I take a lightweight, long sleeved shirt for when you suddenly realize you’ve had enough sun and you remembered how much money you’ve already spent this year on skincare. speaking of..........
  10. Most importantly, sunscreen!!! (take it with you if you can. Chances are, wherever you’re headed, it will be twice as expensive)
- Nicole 🖤

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