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Meet Sumang Sherrod, Master Seamstress

How long have you been with Carriage House? 

I came to work here in 1998, so 22 years.  

Tell us how you received your training. 

I’m originally from Thailand. At 16 years old I went to school in Bangkok to learn to be a dressmaker. The school was owned and operated by the Queen of Thailand’s family. Her sister recruited me. I played on the basketball team for the school as a point guard. After attending the school for two years, I stayed to teach at the school for two years. 

Sewing came very naturally to me. I never had much difficulty in learning the different techniques. It was easy for me. 

What are your favorite types of fabrics or pieces to work on? 

50/50 poly/cotton is the easiest to alter, but I love the more difficult, intricate fabrics and designs equally. Dresses are my favorite to alter, and I really like working with beading. I love getting to experience the role of designer. 

What are some fit secrets if someone can’t get to a seamstress before an event?

I don’t really have any. Haha! I would tell you to get to the seamstress before the event next time. 

Any final thoughts? 

There aren’t many people learning my skill, it’s really an art. I truly love what I do and love to make customers happy when I can redesign something to fit them perfectly. 

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