How long have you been at Carriage House?

Kate and I bought the store in 2017, but I’ve been shopping here since 1993.


How do you like to help clients build a wardrobe?

Quality, quality, quality. Build it one great piece at a time, even if it’s only one perfect pair of pants, a flattering dress or a stand out jacket a season. Once you have established a good, basic wardrobe, the search for the rest will be fun, just like the cherry on top.

What are a few style tips or rules you live by?

It starts with confidence (manufactured or otherwise) and a smile, first and foremost…..and good shapewear!!!


Advice to anyone starting to build a wardrobe?

It’s important to have good, basic pieces. A great pair of pants, a collared shirt with a bit of flare, a silky blouse and a go-to dress you know looks good on you that can take you several places. I tend to lean toward neutral colors. If you are afraid of color like I am, you can add it in your accessories; coats, bags, scarves, shoes, wraps.


Most important/essential piece to have in your wardrobe?

I love outerwear. A long cardigan, a lightweight trench, a leather coat with an elbow length sleeve, even a tailored puffer jacket. Sometimes you just need to run a quick errand and with a good looking coat, you can cover a not so good looking outfit.

Who are your Style Icons?

Jackie Kennedy in the 60’s and 70’s

Rene Russo’s character, Catherine, in 1999’s The Thomas Crowne Affair

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Alexa Chung




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