Claudio Cutuli

Claudio Cutuli is a renowned brand well consolidated on the international fashion scene. Five generations later, at the base of Cutuli’s creations there still is the exclusive use of noble fabrics and naturals yarns of the highest cut. Fabrics and yarns like cashmere, bamboo, nettle, beech yarn and raw materials offered by the animal, vegetable, and  mineral world. The craftsmanship fuses with the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies – from laser cut to precious metal lamination – creating a crossover between tradition, passion and technology. The outcome is an exclusive and refined product beautified by contrasts and assonances of raw materials masterfully mixed. Leather and fur are treated with natural dyes and processed with bold techniques, such as liquid nitrogen, artistic corrosions, hand milling or even grinding, to give each and every creation its own life. Customers are transmitted the breath of the raw materials and can feel the hand of the designer. Production includes scarves, bags, leather necklaces and an exclusive line featuring perfumes, candle and design furniture.