What to Wear Year Round

I live in Alabama. We don't have lots of super cold days, but we definitely have long stretches where it feels so great to wear yummy cashmere sweaters and boots. (two of my absolute favorite things!) 

Other than things like tall boots and heavy sweaters that you would wear only in the winter or shorts and swimsuits you'd usually wear only in summer, we believe the majority of one's wardrobe can be worn year round.

Perfect example: I wear a long, silky, bias cut skirt or slip dress in a million different ways.

On warm days, I might pair it with a tank top or tee and a pair of flat sandals or sneakers.

On cooler days, I'll wear that VERY SAME skirt with a cashmere sweater (maybe with a matching scarf or wrap) with tights and booties.

By the way, if you happen to meet the "future love of your life" on the street, and they ask if you'd like to grab a drink after work, you can throw on some strappy heels and a cool cropped jacket or blazer over that tank (same skirt or slip dress) and Voila! ... you'll look fantastic and sexy and they might even take you home to meet mom (or their grown kids, if you are of a certain age!) 


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Proceed and be bold.

Sambo Mockbee