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Article: Airport Travel Tips

Airport Travel Tips

Airport Travel Tips

I love to travel and people watching is half the fun. I'm amazed at how people dress these days for airline travel! You need to be prepared for anything ladies!!! (I beg you - do not wear flip flops) For heaven's sake, you might run into an old boyfriend - or even worse, his mother who never really approved.

Layering is key.

It doesn't matter whether you are traveling to a hot, balmy climate. Your plane ride will not be hot and balmy. It will more likely be chilly once you are on your way and I'm guessing you will NOT want to use the little blanket in your seat. Wear light layers you can easily add or remove as needed while in that cramped airplane seat.

Carry a good looking, extra large tote.

I always carry a large leather tote that everything fits into, including my handbag. (that way I only have one thing to keep up with) It either zips up completely, or has large zippered closures inside for all my important stuff. I include everything I cannot live without for the night in case my plane gets cancelled and I end up in Timbuktu. (that includes an extra pair of panties)

Take a travel wrap.

I also take a travel wrap with me whether I am going North OR South. They come in so many beautiful colors now (thank you White and Warren) and I pick one that goes well with a majority of the outfits I pack. You never know when you might end up in a chilly restaurant or accidentally hitching a ride back to your Italian villa on George Clooney’s boat! (withOUT what’s her name of course).

Happy travels!!


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