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Need a little belt to give a waistline to a flowy dress? How about a skinny belt to wear with just about anything. The Skinny Silver does it all, and so elegantly!

The Skinny Silver is approximately ¾” wide and features sparkly silver beads on hand-dyed, coffee-colored calfskin.

Note: the bead-work on the Skinny Silver belt is done horizontally on a curve so that it will go around the waist nicely. Because of this construction, the Silver Skinny belt cannot be straightened out and should be stored or displayed rolled up.

Global Girls’ stylish leather belts are handmade in Kenya by skilled artisans; it often takes an artisan an entire day to complete a belt. The beads are sewn into the leather with clear fishing wire and then secured again with strong thread to ensure the beads stay on for years to come. 

*Sustainably Chic